Tokyo Revengers TV Anime Official Guide Book


Book on the TV anime "Tokyo Revengers" from episode 1 to 12! Takemichi, Mikey, and Draken! The book is full of setting materials including the main character settings, the members' favorite machine designs, supporting characters, and art settings. Also included is a special roundtable discussion with the main cast of Yuki Shin, Isamu Hayashi, and Tatsuo Suzuki, and a special interview with the passionate anime staff of director Koichi Hatsumi and producer Kosuke Yokota!

Tokyo Revengers TV Anime Official Guide Book

Publisher name: Kodansha

Date of issue: 2021/07/16

ISBN-13: 9784065240250

Format B6

Language: Japanese

Number of pages: 128 pages

Japanese import

Data sheet

Version Japanese
Condition New
Language Japanese

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