PLATINUM PEN Brush Pen CF-2000 Black

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Using polyester ultra-fine fiber hair for the tip, it is easy to write with excellent brush feeling. A full-fledged brush pen with good ink content, elasticity, and good hair tips. It has excellent water resistance when it dries with pigment ink, and does not bleed even when it gets wet. There is almost no fading due to heat or light. You can write black and refreshing characters. The pen tip can be replaced (sold separately). It is an ink cartridge type and is economical.


PLATINUM PEN Brush Pen CF-2000 Black

Tip - STF-800C
Cartridge Ink - SPF-200
Base Material - Aluminum Surface Finish - Alumite coating Size - Length: 134.5mm
Max diameter: 11.2mm
Weight - 8.9g

●JAN : 4977114402098

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