Broccoli - Card Sleeve Protector Mat M [BSP-05]

Specific Double-Sided Mat. '"Broccoli sleeve protector mat M, which has the consistency and mix the facilitae of pre-eminent accumulated from the top of the sleeve character of standard size, sleeve protects the paper from any scratches and dirt. Adopted the cut of the original Fusion of strength, to avoid difficoltae Finish, The Warp Of unlikely made protection. Material, processing and together, the national production Total. To achieve the qualitae of peace of mind. [the set includes] sleeve (Pack of 80)

Broccoli Card Sleeve Protector Mat M [BSP-05]

Dimensions: height 68.5 × 93.0mm
80 CT per pack

JAN : 4510417324584

Japanese import

Data sheet

Version Japanese
Condition New
Language Japanese

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