Columbus Circle Battle Kid Nintendo Famicom FC

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Name Original  バトルキッド 危険な罠(FC/FC互換機用)
Original Release Date  Sep, 20. 2018
Genre  Platform
Origin  Japan
Code Product  4582286322251

Japanese import

Inspired from the indie game "I Wanna be the Guy" and other classic platformers, the game follows the style dubbed Metroidvania in that you do not have stages, but rather one large area to freely explore. You always die in one hit, but there are unlimited continues in the normal difficulty as well as a password system to resume where you last left off.

In total, there are over 550 rooms, 8 bosses, and over 30 different types of enemies. You will also obtain items along the way that grant you new abilities such as higher jumping or slower falling in order to travel to new areas of the fortress.

Data sheet

Version Japanese
Condition New
Genre Platform
Language Japanese

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