D3PUBLISHER Vamwolf Cross Normal Edition PSVita


Original Name Vamwolf Cross† (ヴァンウルフ クロス)
Original Release Date  Jul, 23. 2015
Genre  Otome
Origin Japan
Catalog No.  VLJS-00108
Code Product  4527823997882

Japanese import

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Follow the protagonist - a thoughtful and easy-going 20-year-old girl who wants to be a teacher in the future same as her mother, determines to find the truth behind his father's death. As the previous member of the hunter house, her father managed an apartment building where all the residences are vamwolf hunters. His sudden death makes her realize that maybe one of her acquaintances is the vamwolf who murdered her father.

While the truth seems not easy to be found, as well, living around handsome guys with compelling charms are always get people distracted. Players will have to think twice before fall in love with them as the culprit may be one of them...

This installment features five good-looking male characters with different characteristics, including quiet unconventional security guard - Nagisa Shinonome, cute fortune-teller - Ryuunosuke Tokiwa, blunt but straightforward detective Shuuichi Aoi, perfect doctor - Yuuya Kingetsu, and thoughtful priest - big brother Keidai Nitou.

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Cero B
Version Japanese
Condition Used
Genre Otome
Language Japanese
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