COMPILE HEART Genkai Totsuki Moero Chronicle PSVita

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Original Name 限界凸記 モエロクロニクル (通常版)
Original Release Date  May, 15. 2014
Genre  RPG
  CERO D (17+)
Catalog No.  VLJM-35101
Code Product  4995857093304
Players 1

Japanese import

Moero Chronicleis Compile Heart's Dungeon RPG follow-up toGenkai Toki Monster Monpiece- including Compile Heart's risque description of a "rubbing, pinching, panty-wearing RPG."

The story follows Io, a young boy troubled by his profane and arguably perverted thoughts - creating a lot of difficulty when it comes to talking with girls.His relationship with hisconfedant and only real friend, a monster girl, creates some tension when the world starts experiencing natural disasaters and hostility from the other monster girls!

With rumors of a "Legendary Monster Girl"bent on world destruction starts to circulate, mankind isforced to take a stand. Io must nowinvestiage the origins of the occuring phenomenons, taking his childhood monster girl friend along with him on his adventure intothe world of monsters.

Data sheet

Cero D
Version Japanese
Condition Used
Genre RPG
Language Japanese

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