Petit Reve Sayaka Buccaneers! Limited Edition PSVita

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Original Name 爽海バッカニアーズ! (限定版)
Original Release Date  Jul, 17. 2014
Genre  Adventure
Origin Japan
Catalog No.  PVPE-00001
Code Product  4562452080024

Content of the box
  • PS Vita Game: Sayaka Buccaneers!
  • Luxury Original CD (Included Original Drama/Free Talk/OP&ED Song)

Japanese import

Rian Lawrence is a 16-year-old girl whose mother passed away when she was a child and now her father has gone missing. She dreams of becoming a seafaring adventurer, having been influenced by watching church plays, hearing epic heroic tales and learning that her missing father was also an adventurer who crossed the ocean. To fulfill this desire, she leaves the town where she has comfortably lived, and ventures to the port, King’s Bridge.

Shortly after her arrival, she gets caught up in a tussle and ends up acting in unison with pirates. From then on, she grew interested in them. Two methods of being able to go to sea appear before her- one being “pirates”, and the other, the “navy”.

Will she choose to live her life as a pirate aboard their ship; joining the elusive and whimsical crew lead by its chivalrous yet self-centered ore-sama captain and the always calm, cool and collected deputy captain with a scary smile? Or will she join the ranks of the navy; answering to a young-looking naval commanding officer who’s proud of his nobility and the older, taciturn deputy commanding officer who exudes an aura of depth?

Which will the protagonist choose? What kind of adventurer will she become? Who will become the closest partner at her side?

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Cero C
Version Japanese
Condition Used
Genre Adventure
Language Japanese
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