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Original Name 地球防衛軍2 PORTABLE V2 (ダブル入隊パック)
Original Release Date  Dec, 11. 2014
Genre  Action
Origin Japan
  CERO C (15+)
Catalog No.  VLJS-00090
Code Product  4527823997684
Players 1-4

Japanese import

Realization of the online cooperation play
Will you be the on ground solider or the female pilot of pail wing in the air? Or maybe the air raid soldier?Not only does the title includes a feature of direct play using the Ad-Hoc mode,the online multi-play option using the chat command is also providing EDF2 a new playing style.

The title will introduce new combatants for the air raid
Strategies for battle will get deeper than before as the game now comes with air raid soldiers capable of using 400 different kinds of weapons for aerial explosives.These 400 top weapons and supportive items on the battle field will stimulate your imagination to the fullest.

Data sheet

Cero C
Version Japanese
Condition Used
Genre Action
Language Japanese

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