Square enix Rpg Lost Sphear NINTENDO SWITCH

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Original Name
Original Release Date  Oct, 12. 2017
Genre  RPG
Origin Japan
  CERO B (12+)
Catalog No.  HAC-P-ADWYA
Code Product  4988601009911

Japanese import


It is said the moon created the world….
It’s been a while since I heard that tale.
I still remember it, even now. The story of the cyclic rebirth of the world.
Enter a world where everything is made with Memories. When a memory is forgotten, a part of the world vanishes into the white. Its inhabitants know this phenomenon as Lost.

As an ominous power threatens the fabric of reality, a young man chosen by destiny must arise to face a phenomenon never seen before. Enter Kanata, as he awakens from a devastating dream leading him to find his home, erased from existence. Awaken the power of Memory to restore the Lost and rebuild the world!

Data sheet

Cero B
Version Japanese
Condition Used
Genre RPG
Language English, Japanese, French, German