Art book - Katsuya Terada & Kim Jung Gi Illustration Collection(Mook)

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Introduction A superb picture collection by two illustrators representing Japan and Korea Kim Jung Ki, the image containing his live drawing, boasts more than 2.4 million playback on You Tube. Mr. Kim's solo exhibition was held at Tokyo / Hidari Zingaro, invited by Mr. Takashi Murakami, We also collaborated with Mr. Katsuya Terada who has been with me for a long time with live paint, We have attracted many customers and are enjoying great success. Mr. Terada who casualized at the event visited Kim's office in Korea, It seems that two people drew a picture all day for this collaborative book. The collaboration of a dream by two artists who are drawing attention globally became the form, Finally, a book of miracles has been completed as a collection of artworks!


Art book - Katsuya Terada & Kim Jung Gi Illustration Collection

Date de parution: 21/3/2017

ISBN-13: 9784768307908

Nombre de pages : 125 pages

Langue : japonais

Import japonais

Fiche technique

Version Japonaise
État Neuf
Langue Japonais

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