Gung Ho Online Entertainment Dokuro PSVita


Original Name ドクロ
Original Release Date  Jul, 05. 2012
Genre  Platform
Origin Japan
  CERO A (Free)
Catalog No.  VLJS-00015
Code Product  4560145953303
Players 1

Japanese import

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The demon lord has captured the princess. Tragically, you are a Dokuro skeleton under him. But Love Conquers All, you've decided to become a prince to rescue her from her cell. With the princess in tow and the Sony PS Vita in your grasp, you go off on a journey. Set off traps in the demon lord's castle and fight against the ghouls. The love struck Dokuro has two forms, the Skeleton and the Prince Charming. Switch between the two appearances when you fight. You'll win different coloured chalks on your way. Draw lines on the screen to lengthen ropes, light up the fire, and melt the ice. Use everything in your environment to defeat enemies.

Data sheet

Cero A
Version Japanese
Condition Used
Genre Platform
Language Japanese
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