Compile Heart Date A Live Twin Edition: Rio Reincarnation PSVita


Original Name デート・ア・ライブ Twin Edition 凜緒リンカーネイション
Original Release Date  Jul, 30. 2015
Genre  Bishoujo
Origin Japan
  CERO D (17+)
Catalog No.  VLJM-35241
Code Product  4995857093946

Japanese import

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Followthe protagonistShidou Itsuka - a second year student from the Raizen High School to conduct his mission to save spritsof girls - mysterious existences coming from bordering dimensions containing unpredictable evilpowers. Players will have to balance the time in order to keep the balance of affection pointswith various characters. While rescuing girls seems not that easy, Shido has to date the girls for the sake of sealing the power.

BesidesMaria Ars from the prequel, this time, it will also include Yamai Sisters, Rinne Sonogami, Miku Izayoi, Marina Ars as well as new added innocent and friendly pink hair girl named Rio Sonogami.

Data sheet

Cero D
Version Japanese
Condition Used
Genre Bishōjo
Language Japanese
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