Matatabi Rear pheles -Red of Another- PS Vita

Original name リア フェレス レッド オブ アナザー
Original Release Date  Aug, 27. 2015
Genre  Otome
Origin  Japan
  CERO C (15+)
Catalog No.  VLJM-35250
Code Product  4571149891089

Japanese import

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Lately I keep having the same dream every night, where I'm being chased by something in an unfamiliar forest. But I always wake up at the same part.

Then one day, after having had the dream for several nights in a row...

I was heading home late one night after working at the library when I found that my usual route was blocked off due to an accident. So I was walking along a dim path that I typically don't use, when I heard a voice call out...

"I found youuu!"

I turned to see a werewolf, complete with wolf ears and a tail--

The werewolf attacked me out of nowhere, and as I struggled to escape, I saw a figure floating in the moonlight...

"--I won't let you do that."

My savior was a girl in a red hood. She was holding large scissors in one hand and a gun in the other.

"I'm going to eat you. Of that you can be sure..." the werewolf said with a grin, before disappearing into the darkness.

My legs were shaking from fear, and I couldn't move. The hooded girl asked me if I was okay.

"I am Red Riding Hood."

The girl who called herself Red Riding Hood explained that she had left her picture book and traveled here to this time period in pursuit of the Wolf. Although, she was a little different from the Little Red Riding Hood I remember...

Little Red Riding Hood explained that we had no way of knowing when the Wolf would attack again, so she would protect me from now on. And so we decided to live together...

Why is Red Riding Hood pursuing the Wolf...?

Why is the Wolf after me...?

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Cero C
Version Japanese
Condition Used
Genre Otome
Language Japanese
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