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Original Name 地球防衛軍 3 PORTABLE
Original Release Date  Sep, 27. 2012
Genre  Third Person Shooting
Origin  Japan
  CERO C (15+)
Catalog No.  VLJS-00027
Code Product  4527823996786
Players 1-4

Japanese import

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Released in 2006, Earth Defense Force 3 is immensely popular on the Xbox360. Now, gamers get to bring their forces around on their PS Vitas and fight aliens and monsters on their trips to work or school. There are more than 100 types of weapons for you to wield, and a lot of them are exclusive to this game. Jump onto tanks and Helicopters to engage in a full out war. The PS Vita version comes with the adhoc mode, the co-op mode and the new infrastructure mode. Through this mode, players get to connect with up to three more comrades across the internet to take care of the threats. All existing missions are included in the game along with new challenges. Come and defeat the aliens.

Data sheet

Cero C
Version Japanese
Condition Used
Genre Action
Language Japanese
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