AQL Vahalla Knights 3 GOLD PSVita

Original Name ヴァルハラナイツ3 GOLD
Original Release Date  Feb, 27. 2014
Genre  Action RPG
Origin  Japan
  CERO D (17+)
Catalog No.  VLJS-05034
Code Product  4535506302144
Players 1-2

Japanese import

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Become one of the demon's chosen onesan start your life in the place known as being a prison city. Every citizen is either a criminal, a spy,both, or worse. But a place so vile provides a surprising number of possibilities.Ruled by jungle law, the powerful have everything, but leadership never seems to stick - coups declaring new leaders overnight when someone more powerful comes along.

Glamour and danger are the keys. Meet the beautiful women who run the guilds and the shops. Take up quests from them to obtain rare items. During battles, your player character can team up with 6 more characters to fight a large scale 7v7 battle!

Valhalla Knights 3'scharacter builder offers a wonderfulassortment of races, classes, and visual customization options that only grow deeper the longer you play, and the more of the story you take in.

Data sheet

Cero D
Version Japanese
Condition Used
Genre RPG
Language Japanese
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