OIZUMI AMUZIO - Necromunda: Hired Gun for Sony Playstation PS5


Pick your contracts. Hunt your targets. Collect the bounty.

Necromunda: Hired Gun is fast-paced and brutal, giving you endless options on how to engage your enemies. Wall-run, double-jump, use your wrist-mounted grappling hook to rush towards, disarm, or avoid enemies - and that’s before your upgrades. Everything from your brain to your legs to your pet dog can be enhanced as you gather money from your contracts.

Your cyber-mastiff is your only true companion - half-dog, half-robot, and ready to kill for you in exchange for treats. He warns you of enemies, can insta-kill them with a bite to the neck, and generally watches your back. In return, you can keep him hale and healthy with the best augments money can buy.

OIZUMI AMUZIO - Necromunda: Hired Gun for Sony Playstation PS5

Original name: ネクロムンダ:ハイヤードガン

Release date : 2022/09/22

Genre: FPS

Language: Japanese

Origin: Japan

Catalogue No : ELJM-30171

Product Code: 4571331333168

Number of players: 1

Japanese import

Data sheet

Cero Z
Version Japanese
Condition New
Genre FPS
Language Japanese

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