SUPERDELUXE GAMES Espgaluda II édition Deluxe Nintendo Switch


Japanese import

original name エスプガルーダII ~覚聖せよ。生まれし第三の輝石
Original Release Date  Nov . 30 . 2023
Genre  Shoot 'em up
Catalog Number.  HAC-P-A72GA
Product code


Espgaluda II, on Nintendo Switch, is a staple of the “bullet hell” genre where players are immersed in an action-packed futuristic world. This game features stunning graphics and intense gameplay. You can choose from several characters, each with their special skills, and fight against hordes of enemies and fearsome bosses.

The distinctive aspect of Espgaluda II is its "concentration mode", allowing players to slow down enemy projectiles for better dodging. This mechanic adds tactical depth. The graphics are sumptuous and the game offers a two-player cooperative mode for an even more immersive experience.

Overall, Espgaluda II is an ideal choice for shoot 'em up fans looking for a classic yet modernized experience on the Nintendo Switch. Prepare for a thrilling adventure where survival depends on your reflexes and mastery of concentration mode. This game promises demanding challenges and hours of intense excitement.

Data sheet

Cero B
Version Japanese
Condition New
Genre Shoot em Up
Language Japanese

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