SUPERDELUXE GAMES Radiant Silver Gun Nintendo Switch


Japanese import

Original Name レイディアント シルバーガン 

Release date June 20, 204

Genre Shoot 'em up

Origin Japan

Catalog No. SDX-011-NSW-CE

Product Code 4570101050434

[Supported languages] Japanese, English, French, Spanish, Italian

Pre-order item, expected shipment from 2024-06-20
(release date subject to change)

■History July 14, 2520 AD. A “stone-like object” extracted from a geological formation dating back to British Columbia has enveloped the earth in its own light, wiping out humanity. The four crew members of the space cruiser "TETRA" barely managed to escape into satellite orbit, leaving behind a robotoid... One year later. TETRA had observed the aircraft from orbit, but the ship's supplies were eventually exhausted. TETRA has no choice but to re-enter the atmosphere and begin the fight for humanity's survival. ■Highly strategic shooter Stages with varied terrain such as complex gaps and moving containers become battlefields and enemies attack from all directions, from above, below, left and right. And 23 bosses await you... 6 stages with high strategy are waiting for you. There are chain bonuses that continue to increase your score by defeating the same enemy, secret bonuses that occur by defeating enemies in a specific order, and hidden score items. The key to getting a score is to cover them, build an original strategy model and accurately defeat the enemy you are targeting. Use different weapons that level up as you gain points and get a high score! ■Features *Specialized scoring system for the origin of shooting games * Many weapons that level up by defeating enemies *5 difficulty levels that even beginners can enjoy *Story mode with a strong message *Stunning graphics produced with 3D graphics *Sounds that color the world of games created by Hitoshi Sakimoto, highly appreciated both nationally and internationally. *Game mode accessible according to the rules of "Ikaruga", the second Project RS game *Online leaderboard where you can compete with rivals from around the world

Data sheet

Cero B
Version Japanese
Condition New
Genre Shoot em Up

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