D3 Publisher Shiawase Shou Kanrinin san SONY PS4 PLAYSTATION 4

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Original Name  しあわせ荘の管理人さん。
Official Release Date  Jan 11, 2018
Type Bishoujo
Version  Japan
  CERO D (17+)
Catalog No.  PLJS-70054
Item Code  4527823998155

Japanese import

Somewhere in Japan lies the suburban Hanasaki City. It’s a city that capitalizes on its abundance of water resources and diligent townspeople to prosper in the precision equipment and factory plant cultivation industries. The setting of Happy Manager is an apartment building built on the high ground in Hanasaki City called “Happy Manor.”

It has a bit of a retro exterior; perhaps it was built during Japan’s bubble era? There is a rumor that it was originally built as a rich man’s vacation home, and the building’s non-standard facilities make it popular. When it’s in need of a new manager, you take on the duty.

In Happy Manager, you take on the role of an apartment manager with three female tenants to manage. The game will have you do everything from regular management work to communicating and getting to know the girls better.

Data sheet

Cero D
Version Japanese
Genre Bishōjo
Language Japanese

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