Bandai Namco Taiko no Tatsujin Nintendo Switch NINTENDO SWITCH

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Name Original  太鼓の達人 Nintendo Switchば~じょん!
Original Release Date  Jul, 19. 2018
Genre  Music
Origin  Japan
  CERO A (Free)
Code Product  4573173331845
Players 1-2

Japanese import

Now is the great time to put your Joy-Con to better use. Introducing Taiko no Tatsujin: Nintendo Switch Version! Taiko no Tatsujin is also known as Taiko: Drum Master. And it boasts complete songs from Splatoon 2 and Super Mario Odyssey.

The game will feature over 70 songs. However, there are only 20 songs confirmed as of press time. You can choose from various genres such as Game Music, Classical, Variety, Vocaloid songs, Anime theme songs, and Pop.

Below are the confirmed songs for Taiko no Tatsujin: Nintendo Switch Version!

“Aloha” (From Pokemon Sun & Moon’s anime)

“Be the One” (From Kamen Rider Build)

“Cha-La Head-Cha-La” (From Dragon Ball Z)

“A Cruel Angel’s Thesis” (From Neon Genesis Evangelion)

“Dokomademo ~How Far I’ll Go~” (From Moana)

“Grip & Breakdown!! Tatsujin Edit.” (From Touhou Project)

“Haikei Doppelganger” (Gumi Vocaloid song by Kemu)

“Howling” (From The Seven Deadly Sins: Revival of the Commandments)

“Itsumo Nando Demo” (From Spirited Away)

“Jump Up, Super Star! Short Version” (From Super Mario Odyssey)

“Natsu Matsuri”

“Odore Dore Dora Doraemon Ondo” (From Doraemon)



“Splatoon 2 Medley” (From Splatoon 2)

“Takane no Haneko-san”

“Tengoku to Jigoku Jokyoku”

“Tomo ni”

“TT –Japanese Ver.-“

“YouTube Theme Song”

“Zenzenzense” (from Your Name)

Data sheet

Cero A
Version Japanese
Genre Rhythm
Language Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Traditional), English

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