Columbus Circle HDMI booster-PC engine


This item will be released on August 8, 2019

Product description

You can connect the retro game console "PC engine body" with "HDMI cable" and "AV cable for MD2" Now enjoy the retro game "PC engine" even in the epoch era!

[In the "PC engine body," "HDMI cable" "AV cable for MD2" can be connected appeared booster! Let's enjoy the retro game on modern TV!
This product "for HDMI for PCE" can connect "HDMI cable" and "AV cable for MD2" to TV by connecting to "expansion bus" on the back of the retro game console "PC engine main unit" It becomes a product. In the initial PC engine body (white), the connection with the TV is "RF switch", which is not often found in modern TV, and it is very inconvenient for connection. This product is a very useful booster that can solve such problems and output the game of "PC Engine" on "Modern TV" and play. We would like to recommend it to anyone who has already played the "PC Engine" game "HDMI Booster for PCE". You can enjoy a number of classic software with a fresh sense.

[Operation check model]
Early PC engine (white), PC engine core graphics, PC engine core graphics II

【please note】
※ This product outputs composite output with HDMI cable. There is no upconversion function. ※ This product is only the base. Cable is not included. ※ Because it is not a mass product, the base will be exposed. Do not touch the terminals or the base circuit while power is on, as there is a risk of electric shock.

【please note】
※ This product is original product of Columbus circle and is not licensed product of each company. ※ The listed names or product names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners. ※ The screen is under development. The specifications, shape, color and package of this product are subject to change without notice.

Model number: CC-PEHDB-BK

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