Columbus Circle Darius Extra Version For MD Compatible Megadrive

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Japanese Import

Original Name  ダライアス エクストラバージョン

Official Release Date  Feb 25, 2021
Genre  Shoot 'em Up
Version  Japan
Catalog No.  CC-MDDA1-BK
Item Code  4582286323319
Players  1
Product Measures 18cm x 13cm x 3cm

A new mode "EXTRA VERSION" has been added, and it is now available as a cassette for MD / MD compatible machines!

[The blockbuster shooting "Darius" is now available as a cassette for MD / MD compatible machines! In addition to the arcade faithful porting mode and boss rush mode, a new mode "EXTRA VERSION" is installed and released in limited quantities!]
This product is a game cassette that can be enjoyed on 16-bit game machines (MD / MD compatible machines). "Darius Extra Version (for MD / MD compatible machines)" is a port of the side-scrolling shooter that made a big hit in the arcade in 1986. In addition to the "faithful porting mode" that condenses the power of the three screens of the arcade game into one screen and pays close attention to details, it is also equipped with the "boss rush mode" in which all 26 giant battleships appear, and this work Then, you can select 3 modes, "OLD", "NEW", and "EXTRA", and you can enjoy the 1-screen ported version of each arcade version. Of course, "EXTRA" also has a continue function! And the game has been readjusted according to the new mode, the PROCO (NORMAL) mode remains the same, the TIAT (EASY) mode has become easier, and the continuous shooting function has been set more finely. In this work, the game sound is even more powerful! Enjoy the powerful ZUNTATA sound with a 16BIT game machine equipped with FM sound source! A game cassette version that can be enjoyed with a 16BIT game machine for shooting game fans. Please look forward to "Darias".

【please note】
* Not compatible with all genuine MDs and MD compatible machines. It may not work depending on the manufacturing time. Other companies' MD compatible machines other than Columbus Circle products are not covered by the operation guarantee. * This software is a licensed product of Taito Co., Ltd. * This product is an original product of Columbus Circle and is not a licensed product of SEGA. * Names or product names mentioned are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company. * The photo is under development. The specifications, shape, and color of this product are subject to change without notice for improvement.

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1 person

Model: CC-MDDA1-BK

Data sheet

Cero C
Version Japanese
Condition New
Genre Shoot em Up
Language Japanese

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