Columbus Circle For Switch / PS4 super converter controller correspondence for Switch / PS4 / WiiU / Wii CC-NSSCV-RD


Converters that can be used with "Controller" and "Arcade Stick" for WiiU / Wii with "Switch" and "PS4" are on sale! Let's make effective use of the controller we purchased before!

This item will be released on July 19, 2019.

Japanese import

["Switch body"-"PS4 body", "controller" and "arcade stick" for WiiU / Wii can be used! You can enjoy it with the controller you used to be. ]
This product "(Switch / PS4) Super Converter" is the "Switch main unit", "Controller for PS4", "PRO controller for WiiU", "Classic controller PRO for Wii," "Classic controller for Wii," "Wii remote control "," Arcade stick for Wii "can be used. In [PS4 body], "Joy-Con for Switch," Pro controller for Switch, "PRO controller for WiiU," "Classic controller PRO for Wii," "Classic controller for Wii," "Wii remote control", " It is a controller conversion adapter that can use an arcade stick for Wii. It supports the wireless specification of each controller, so you can play the game comfortably even at the place away from the television. You can also use the "Joystick", so you can enjoy "fighting games", "shooting games", etc. in full swing. In addition, customization such as controller button assignment setting and continuous fire setting is possible. You can play to make it easy for you to play. Note that this product can also update firmware using a PC. It will be a convenient product that can effectively utilize the various controllers you have purchased before.

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Version Japanese
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